Our volunteer for veggies program takes place at our urban farm in the Birchwood neighborhood. Volunteers are invited to come work at the farm in exchange for fresh, seasonal produce. It is an opportunity to learn about small scale agriculture, spend time outdoors and meet other community members who also share an interest in farming/plants/doing things outside. 

 You can expect to work a farm task alone, with other volunteers, or with us. If you are interested in spending time volunteering on our urban farm, please read the following carefully to see if volunteering is a good fit for you, then fill out the form at the bottom of the page. 


  • Volunteer days take place every other Thursday starting with the last Thursday in March and running through October.  We will have additional work parties, dates TBD.

  • Please come to volunteer only on designated volunteer days/times and notify us via email or text the day before you come to volunteer so we know how many volunteers to expect.

  • Fresh produce may not be available to take home until later in the season (June-October) but we can keep a running "veggie tab" with you if you volunteer before the veggies are ready to harvest. 

  • Unless arranged otherwise, please expect to work for at least 2 hours.

  • Please bring your own sun and weather protection, closed toe shoes, gloves, and water. Please wear a mask and social distance. 

  • Volunteer tasks are often repetitive and involve squatting, kneeling, and lifting heavy objects. We will do our best to accommodate your physical ability, however the tasks we need help with are: weeding, raking, digging, wheelbarrowing and shoveling compost, soil or other materials, turning compost piles, helping with harvest, moving irrigation, and more. **The majority of the help we need is weeding, so if you don’t like weeding, this may not be the best fit for you.**

  • You will need to sign a liability waiver before you volunteer at the farm. 



If you want to sign up to volunteer, please fill out the following form.  We will send you an email with some more details and a liability waiver.