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Birchwood Farmers Market


The Birchwood Farmers Market is a cooperative single-stand farmer's market coordinated by City Sprouts Farm.

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Park Manor Shopping Center

1538 Birchwood Ave

The market features locally grown vegetables, flowers, fruits, and other goods from over 10 growers and producers in Whatcom county. We are dedicated to increasing food access by providing fresh, sustainably grown produce at an affordable price. 

We accept EBT, WIC, and Freshbucks!  

The cooperative nature of the stand creates an environment where growers can share resources, connect with the community, and move forward towards the common goal of stronger small-scale, local agriculture. 

The market was made possible with the generous support of the Food Coop's Farm Fund program, the Park Manor Shopping Center, and all of our wonderful growers! 

Barkley Farmers Market

You can also find City Sprouts Farm produce at the new Barkley Farmers Market



time TBA

Barkley Village Market
2215 Rimland Drive, Bellingham, WA 98226

To learn more about the Barkley Market, check out their website 

Birchwood International Market

Come see us at the Birchwood International Market!

A large open air market which celebrates the rich cultural diversity of Birchwood, Bellingham and the Pacific Northwest. There are performances, music, delicious food, and much more! 

Last Friday of the month



Park Manor Shopping Center 

1538 Birchwood Ave