We would like to recognize that the land we are farming on is the traditional homeland of Lummi nation, Nooksack tribe, Swinomish tribe, and other federally recognized and unrecognized tribes.

City Sprouts Farm is an urban farm owned and operated by Annah Young and Ellie Duncan.  We are currently growing one acre of fruits and vegetables on a property owned by Kulshan Community Land Trust in the Birchwood neighborhood of Bellingham, WA.  When we first came to the property in the winter of 2017, it had been semi-abandoned for years and had become completely overrun with blackberries and other invasive weeds. We have been working to restore the property, removing invasive plants, seeding cover crops, adding manure and compost to increase soil fertility and using all organic practices in order to give back to the soil that provides so much for us.

Our primary goal for the food we grow is to make it as accessible as possible for the community while simultaneously running a viable business.  We are excited to be working with many incredible organizations and individuals to grow affordable, sustainably grown vegetables for the neighborhood and beyond. 

We aim to preserve and restore farm land, promote farmer collaboration, and a just food system through our commitment to small scale sustainable agriculture.



Annah Young's love for farming grew out of experiences teaching high school students in community gardens. She has a strong desire to connect people to place and each other through agriculture. She has farmed in Idaho, California, Eastern Washington and of course the wet west side of the Cascades. Bellingham is home to  her and she can't think of a better way to connect with her neighbors than through growing and sharing food. 


Ellie Duncan fell in love with farming when she was a teenager, volunteering at a farm in Montana, where she is from. For the last decade she has either been farming, or dreaming of doing so.  Her love of the agrarian life has lead her to organic production farms, small urban  educational farms, and permaculture gardens across the Northern parts of this country and others.  Starting City Sprouts with Annah has truly illuminated the continual joy inherent in small-scale farming.

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